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Thimble Tales
Jan. 1, 2014: “As real as it gets”....a quote from John. I made this quilted wallhanging for my husband, John.  It is a Toni Whitney pattern called “Liberty”.  This is actually one of three.  The first “Liberty” was made for my brother-in-law, Ed, a Viet Nam Vet.  He loves it!  John, seeing the first one said, “oh my.  I LIKE that.” I knew I needed to make one for him. Since I was going to make another I figured I would make a third one for the Christian Outreach Center, Quilter’s Luncheon & Auction, to be held on February 8th, 2014, at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 11220 Oakhurst Rd, Largo, FL.  (It sold for $300.00!)      I must say that the pattern instructions are good.  I read through the instructions when making the first one and didn’t have any problems.  I prefer hand, needle turn applique and am not used to doing raw edge applique. I would have liked some additional instruction/tips on this technique but managed to make the first one and am pleased with the results.       I purchased this pattern and a fabric kit while at the Sisters Quilt Show with three of my sisters and a neice, July, 2013.
When I knew I was going to make two more...I shopped on line for two additional fabric kits.  Well...I couldn’t find a vendor that would sell the fabric kits without selling me another pattern.  I already paid $14.50  for the pattern and didn’t want to purchase two more of the same patterns to get the fabric.  So....I looked through my fabric stash for suitable fabrics.  I had a few of the eighteen different fabrics needed but had to shop for the remaining fabrics.        Now I am not a fan of batiks.  I do not usually purchase them and have very few of them in my stash.  The reason I don’t like to use batiks is....I am a hand quilter and quilting batiks by hand is torture.  Batik fabric is so finely woven that it is very difficult to hand needle.  I went to every quilt shop close by and found a few more batiks that would work but ended up purchasing some “non batiks”.  Big mistake.  This design is most successful using batiks. This design has tremendous detail with small pieces and lots of spikey feathers.  The tight weave batiks have is perfect for raw edge applique.       The next BIG mistake I made when making the second and third Liberty was not using Lite Steam-A-Seam.  I was on a mission to purchase all the needed supplies and purchased an inferior product that I figured would work.  It was a would stick to itself and hold on for dear life.   I was very tempted to wad it up and throw it in the trash.  I struggled through the process and did complete these two wallhangings.  I do love this design!      Lesson learned:  FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!!!