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Thimble Tales
Quilt Lectures/ Trunk Shows (lecture with plenty of quilts to illustrate the points) Lectures/Trunk Shows for interested quilt, church or community groups. Some topics of special interest include: "Rubba Dub Dub! Laundry & Care of Quilts/Textiles" "The Importance of Quilting-Reasons We Quilt" "Quilt Labeling" "1930's Quilts, Patterns & Fabrics" "Quilts from 1890-1900-A Bounty of Fabrics" "Little Treasures from Granny's Attic" "Warm, Fussy Quilts~Baby & Children’s Quilts from the Past" "Documenting Your Quilts" "Doll Quilts-Tiny Treasures" "To Finish or Not to Finish-That is the Question" Finishing found antique and vintage tops and blocks Civil War Quilts: Before, During and After. “Proverbs 31 Woman Devotion”
Brenda's Mom is seated in the front row in the white jacket. Mom added some spice to this presentation when she noticed that some of the "Granny's treasures" had once belonged to her!  Mom, Francis Kreun, passed away January, 10, 2015, at nearly 93 years of age.  She was still sewing a week before her death.

Key Benefits

· Entertainment · Education · Enlightenment · Just for the fun of it Price Schedules: Lectures/Trunk Shows $250.00 up to 1 hour, plus mileage/expenses
Brenda & her Mom in mom’s sewing room quilting together!